How long does filming take?
We can shoot an interview in 30 minutes. Often you will desire multiple takes, so I'm happy to even budget a few hours to get those few minutes of footage exactly right.
What location works best?
Silence of ambient noise is perhaps the most underappreciated yet important part of choosing a location. Besides decor, I can control the lighting pretty well. Having the slightlest hallway noise or air conditioning hum will be unideal. Even the positive pressure of the operating room is picked up on my microphones.
Can we keep drafts secure?
Of course! My server allows us to upload videos that are password protected until you decide that we are ready to make it go live.
What kind of information do I need to prepare?
I am happy to take the lead in shaping the direction of the film, or simply tailor it to the vision you have in mind. Simply have an idea of where this video will be posted and the purpose of its publication, and we can take it from there.
How long does it take to finalize a film?
Simple interviews with interposed graphics can be finalized in a weekend. Longer documentaries with multiple interviews and on-site filming that have a story line will take multiple weekends.
How much does this cost?
As a young professional, I am less concerned about financial reimbursement. My purpose is to develop my art of medical documentaries and shaping my professional portfolio. Most importantly, I'm doing this because it's a fun way to make friends across specialties!
What about patient confidentiality?
Patient confidentiality is paramount. Any content provided for inclusion in our multimedia material must be in compliance with HIPAA and your institution-specific guidelines and obtained prior to any work we do together.
What kind of file format do you use for videos?
My software can export nearly any kind of format. I usually upload it to my server, from which you can embed your video anywhere and stream it in full HD.
How do I supply data?
If we are shooting a video submission of an established peer-reviewed publication, I am happy to grab those graphics as long as they are consistently formatted. Otherwise, I can put toegether your graphics from an excel file and drop them into the film.
What is the turn-around time for photos?
Overnight is definitely doable for photography.
What do you need for illustration?
Simply send over a labeled sketch with a few sentences about the procedure.